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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ViVi and Alex Featured in the Limelight | Private Residence | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

It took a 500-mile trip to Siesta Key beach for Alex to find the love of his life. And when he did, he simply told ViVi he was a tourist, and needed help; when she asked him with what, he said "I need your number". It takes a pretty bold person to be able to successfully pull that off, and Alex was just the man for that job. Four years later, and a couple of moves together, he proposed on a quiet evening while they relaxed together at their home. The blending of two cultures was honored with two ceremonies: one traditional Vietnamese at ViVi's family home in Sarasota complete with the traditional gift-giving of each family, and a more modern American ceremony at the Powel Crosley with vintage elegance and sophistication and a little touch of whimsy with a super cute ice cream cart! It was a gorgeous day with lots of family, love, and laughter! ViVi and Alex, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!

DJ - Breezin
Caterer - Milan
Ceremony and Reception - Powel Crosley
Florist - Beneva Flowers
Hair and Make-Up - Kylelynn Weddings
Videographer - Lexoria

 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0000collage.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0101.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0302.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0309.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0040.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0046.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0048.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0188.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0218.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0245.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0804.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0809.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0854.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0827.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0911.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1215.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1088.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1014.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1198.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1163.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0890.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK0910.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1018.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1083.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1101.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1095.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1124.jpg
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 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1582.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1591.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1796.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1803.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1805.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1810.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1829.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK1982.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK2039.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK2049-2.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK2220.jpg
 photo 10414ViViAlexHK2237.jpg
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