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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ashley and Derek Featured in the Limelight | Loew's Don Cesar Hotel | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Ashley and Derek met four years ago through They clicked right away and have been together ever since! They enjoy traveling and attending sporting events and concerts together. Derek proposed while on a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma. He took Ashley on a private tour and had an exclusive four course dinner with their own private chef at the winery. Derek had the staff in on the proposal and popped the question during their romantic dinner for two! We photographed Ashley and Derek's engagement portraits at Keel & Curley Winery in Lakeland, Florida to remember this special occasion.

Ashley and Derek are truly each others' best friend. They have always felt comfortable with one another and are a great balance to each other. Both of them come from very close families, and know that this foundation of love and trust will carry over into their own family.

This sweet couple wanted a wedding that reflects their taste of classic elegance. The Grand Ballroom at The Don CeSar was the perfect venue! The head table was illuminated with dozens of candles and the sign-in table boasted a magnum bottle of wine from their trip to Napa and Sonoma.

Venue | Don Cesar 
Event Coordinator | Confetti Events 
Hair and Make-up | Jess Waldrop 
Florist and Decor | MMD Events 
Videographer | Voila Cinematic 
Officiant | Judge Thane Covert 
Invitations | A+P Designs 
Bridal Gown | The Dressing Room 
Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids 
Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Men's Warehouse 
Favors | Voga Wine and Cigars 

 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0000collage_zpsfce97091.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0052_zps8f370432.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0001_zpse98fbdd4.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0013_zps614d4c82.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0036_zps348ec8d6.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0061_zps03178521.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0019_zps66c790b4.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0099_zpsda154325.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0027_zps062f789c.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0130_zpsd477ee78.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0132_zps90b93173.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0151_zps8554ed97.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0172_zps14fc41fe.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0220_zpse3dd4923.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0246_zps155da50d.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0252_zps82ee50d5.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0250_zpse504c694.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0260_zps0da13035.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0265_zpsbaa8065a.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0171_zps535334ef.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0183_zpsdf73ec41.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0254_zps4dccaff5.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0257_zps0d4c97d2.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0525_zps06983f4a.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0282_zpsfce27136.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0288_zps01cef99e.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0294_zps6f2950a9.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0342_zpsc35c12e0.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0355_zpsbfcaa2dd.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0392_zpsb4667d4e.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0400_zps34196231.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0409_zpsf7941981.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0430_zpsb14ee8d8.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0502_zps1f1ea736.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0503_zps8031ba3a.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0512_zps6883a626.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0514_zps10821812.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0518_zps0f4e03f3.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0520_zps6c0af78c.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0521_zps70631ec5.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0508_zpsba312de3.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0509_zps8fe22dc9.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0511_zps40b7fc43.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0441_zps55c007a3.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0445_zps708cbdb3.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0769_zps6318748f.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0774_zpsf4bccaec.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0607_zps6f28f2db.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0547_zpsc3d0dc39.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0557_zps5df93f23.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0567_zps484410dc.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0663_zps02622921.jpg
 photo 101814AshleyDerekRZ_0788_zps4d527c86.jpg

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