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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shannon and Robert Featured in the Limelight | Sheraton Sand Key Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

She blinded him with science! Literally! Shannon and Robert met in a science lab - he as a research technician, and she as a PhD student. Shortly after Bobby passed his qualifying exams, he and Shannon went to Cocoa to celebrate Mother's Day with Shannon's family.  Saturday morning Bobby asked Shannon's family for permission to ask her to marry him.  They agreed; well, her Uncle Jimmy said: "I hope she says yes...."

That evening after riding horses, Shannon rinsed off Shadow.  When she entered into the barn her mom, dad, Uncle Jimmy and Bobby were standing in the barn hallway discussing the weather and plans for an outdoor BBQ. Shannon put Shadow in his stall and then went to grab the fly spray.  Bobby immediately grabbed the bottle and volunteered to spray him instead (which was odd, because Bobby usually isn't that hands on with the horses).  Shannon turned around to open Shadow's gate.  She heard the fly spray bottle hit the concrete hallway and immediately turned around while thinking "eeewwww, Mom's going to be mad if he broke the fly spray bottle".  As she turned she saw the bottle on the ground and Bobby on one knee. Bobby grabbed her hand and said "Shannon McQuaaaigggg would you do me the great honor and make me the happiest man on earth by marrying me".  Shannon said "YES" in front of her Mom, Dad and Uncle Jimmy - and there was not a dry eye in that barn hallway.

Together, they worked through planning their wedding with a classic and elegant feel. With the ceremony held at the historic St. Andrews Memorial Chapel in Dunedin, and tones of white, blush and pink for their reception at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort, they were able to achieve that theme with ease. There were more tears during the first dance, as Shannon's mom overflowed with happiness, and more fun when Shannon and Robert shared their first bite of wedding cake. It was an absolutely beautiful day for the newlyweds, and we wish them all the best in their new life together! Congratulations, Shannon and Robert!

Bridal Gown ~ Cici's Bridal
Bridesmaid's Dresses ~ Cici's Bridal
Hair Stylist ~ Salon Island Estates
Make-up Artist ~ Salon Island Estates
Reception ~ Sheraon Sand Key
DJ ~ Josephine Mattson
Videographer ~ AVSTATMEDIA
Cake ~ Sisters Cindy and Guida Derouen
Invitations ~ Inviting Business
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