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Monday, December 8, 2014

Jessica and Brandon are Featured in the Limelight | Safety Harbor Resort and Spa | Safety Harbor FL Weddings

Although it was an extremely windy day on Jessica and Brandon's wedding day, it was still a beautiful one! Jessica and Brandon were in great spirits as they surrounded themselves with family and friends. You could see that everyone was really close with one another and they all shared a close bond on Jessica and Brandon's morning wedding. Both Jessica and Brandon were a lot of fun to work with and held so much patience with the uncontrollable element of wind! Boy was it windy, you would have thought a hurricane was on its way!  Congratulations to this wonderful couple, I wish them all the best as they build their lives together!!

 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJOStoryboard.jpg  photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0041.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0129.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0016.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0055.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0080.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0086.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0111.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0118.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0135.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0153.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0162.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0204.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0210.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0319.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0327.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0341.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0343.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0372.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0394.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0423.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0533.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0542.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0549.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0556.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0612.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0719.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0730.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0744.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0775.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0801.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO0912.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO1147.jpg
 photo 112214JessicaGonzalezandBrandonStroutJO1160.jpg


Brandon Strout said...

You guys did such an amazing job! The weather was not the best but you two did a phenomenal job!!! Thank you so much for your insight, patience, attitude, and talent!!!

Jess Orthober said...

We loved working so much with the two of you so much! Thankyou so much for your sweet compliments! I can't wait for you to get ALL of your images:) what a beautiful day sans the wind :)