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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Meghan and Nathan Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Meghan and Nathan were married in a beautiful beach ceremony and reception at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach!  This wonderful couple met in 2013 at a Triathlon in Williamsburg, VA in which they both were participating!  I was so amazed to learn while getting to know them that they both have completed the Iron Man Triathlon!  This is well know to be the most difficult one day athletic accomplishment so what was even more impressive was to see not only the bride and groom but an entire group of Iron Man finishers in attendance!  They all brought along their medals for a fun group picture altogether which was so much fun!   Their mutual love of this sporting event was a prevalent theme for their wedding day from their stationary to their cake topper!  I just loved working with these newlyweds and I loved working with the children of the groom!  Nathan's son and daughter, Alex and Grace are such great kids and it was an honor to capture the beginning of this new family!  There was a very sweet moment in the ceremony where the bride and groom presented gifts to the kids and they were so excited to have a special present!  I loved the family photos we took in the sand after the ceremony, especially the playful ones with just the kids and their Dad!   They really are a happy and sweet family!  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

Caterer | Sandpearl 
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl | South Beach 
Event Planner | Sandpearl | Debbie Glancy 
Hair and Make-up Stylist | Sharmaine's 
Invitations | Baci Designer 
Reception Venue | Sandpearl | Harbor Ballroom 
Wedding Gown | Venus Bridals 

 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0000collage_zps598a9d2a.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0002_zps90241a2c.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0006_zps06c1ba8f.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0772_zpsb22c0b3c.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0023_zpsba627a60.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0012_zpsf45cee08.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0051_zps0b745b8e.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0032_zps155baa6e.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0071_zps4a278639.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0147_zps73059fbd.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0054_zps037a8012.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0156_zps7c22e815.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0020_zpscab29733.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0746_zps3659a31d.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0041_zps7809e608.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0115_zpsabf0a90e.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0177_zps76957c20.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0238_zpsd2a1853f.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0283_zpsfc869748.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0346_zps61015fe5.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0247_zps61ff81f3.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0265_zpse2d0cdd9.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0351_zps0ee1c577.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0368_zpsb8e8b340.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0366_zpsbcc1a710.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0380_zps7d576502.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0389_zpsfc2c4ee1.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0388_zps09128218.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0413_zpsc6bd3126.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0510_zps48cf3d58.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0512_zps9c70b627.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0523_zps06cfe903.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0526_zps7294aaec.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0531_zpsab88891e.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0537_zpsfc9df979.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0546_zps749c060d.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0556_zps41b55169.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0559_zps7fde612c.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0560_zps6febbb63.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0563_zps05808606.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0576_zpsf5c838d1.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0579_zps7e5125a4.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0578_zps25f80751.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0591_zps0777e101.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0585_zps475d78a8.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0779_zps1e7298d2.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0747_zpsc7269eea.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0604_zps474eed2d.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0755_zpsb07b5c2c.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_0962_zpsaede65a9.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1046_zps369d6937.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1047_zps94d96920.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1050_zpsfcc62677.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1035_zps9860d424.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1033_zps483d7856.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1040_zps9738a456.jpg
 photo 111514MeghanNathanSM_1043_zps6a7d2dcc.jpg

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