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Monday, December 1, 2014

Stephanie and Robby Featured in the Limelight | Safari Wilderness Ranch | Lakeland, FL Wedding Photography

A rustic style wedding is full of sentiment and designed to pull the heartstrings. The wedding of Robby and Stephanie surely did just that!

Stephanie Wehrmann and Robby Thigpen both have huge hearts and easy going personalities. They exude warmth and love and they were a delight to be around from the instant we first met.  This dear couple met all the way back in kindergarten! Robby proposed to Stephanie down on the water where they had their first date on his boat. They enjoy fishing, hunting, playing tennis, watching sports, watching movies and playing with their dog AJ together.

Stephanie's father is a part owner in Safari Wilderness Ranch, and they both have a special place in their hearts for the property and the animals. The bride and groom decided that the barn at the Ranch was the perfect backdrop for their nuptials and celebration. Sandy Rule, with help from CONCEPTBAIT's design guru Lynn McGhee, brought Stephanie's vision of a romantic, simple, rustic, yet elegant wedding to life. Filled with many vintage details such as authentic butter churns, mason jars, mini cobbler favors made on site,  custom made beer bar, to the customized mason jar placecards. The day included the most perfect weather for an outdoor intimate ceremony, breathtaking flowers and gorgeous dresses. Stephanie and Robby were wed surrounded by their loved ones and wild African and Asian animals.
The 10 month planning and design process led to a plan filled with textures and natural organics. Natural flowers in shades of ivory and white in wooden boxes accented with berries, succulents, grapevine, baby's breath and candles adorned the guest tables that were covered in a gorgeous ivory glamor linen with a vintage floral overlay. Just giving it the glam! The bridal feasting table had an abundance of welded rust colored candelabras with trailing flowers in mason jars, gold cups, and various sized vessels all sat on top of a custom lace runner on the mahogany barn table helped fill the room with rustic glamor. It created the perfect mix of rustic chic and elegance. Cafe lights strung overhead provided a perfect ambient touch.

To sum it up...... The lace, burlap, authentic vintage barrels, handmade signs, and personalized mason jars along with many other elements helped to create a rustic glamorous chic vintage wedding which fit perfectly in the family owned Safari Wilderness Ranch.

Band | Deleon
Bridesmaid Dresses | Bill Levkoff
Cake | Made with love by the bride's mom
Catering | Puff N Stuff
Ceremony and Reception Site | Safari Wilderness Ranch
Ceremony Musicians/Vocalists | Groom's Uncle, cousin and childhood friend
Chairs and Farm Tables | A Chair Affair
Drapery, Floral, Chandelier and Rentals | CONCEPTBAIT
Event Planner | Sandy Rule Events 
Hair and Makeup | Rachel Reumann
Invitations | Urban Coast
Linens | Over The Top
Lighting | Baystage Live
Shoes | Lucchese Boots
Wedding Gown | Jim Hjelm, CC's boutique

 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0000collage_zps5c8789b9.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0002_zps357eb5b4.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0029_zps3836416b.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0059_zpsbe0745f8.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0174_zpsedcbbf9d.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0153_zps6817cc93.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0065_zpse5f5f271.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0073_zps0bd00135.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0083_zps74690ce8.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0089_zps1c9b0d3a.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0143_zpsc38bb0d0.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0218_zps50da5fbf.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0167_zps1f1f37ce.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0193_zpsc0e3a843.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0194_zps3df63e48.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0196_zps828655b8.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0204_zps4d2e0bb3.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0212_zps0b88b090.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0210_zps5485521f.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0224_zps53b9cbcb.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0236_zps94eb299b.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0234_zps6d91251f.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0233_zps986c161a.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0504_zpsddb3f88b.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0508_zps9f87fa5b.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0533_zpsf2e9496c.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0550_zps05c91019.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0933_zps1dc4d4b7.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0696_zpsc1fd8100.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0563_zpsbc90da93.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0569_zps4ed4662a.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0564_zpseb2efbe3.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0568_zps09da684f.jpg
 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0571_zps04cb4059.jpg
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 photo 111514StephanieRobbyRZ_0610_zps8cb39fd6.jpg

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