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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Francheska and Dylan are Featured in the Limelight | St. Lawrence Catholic Church | Tampa FL, Tampa Weddings

University of Tampa is a beautiful University. A prestigious University. Francheska enrolled and attended there. Dylan also enrolled and attended there. They studied, stressed and grew attending University of Tampa. They met there also from a mutual friend. Memories flooded back as we walked around on their wedding day. Francheska and Dylan wanted an intimate wedding, everything embodied that from having it a family affair, to the Catholic Church they said their I Do's to, also going back to the school they met to celebrating at their absolute favorite dining experience, Café Ponte. Everything meant something to them. What a beautiful way to begin a life together!  These two were so sweet and had such a youthful fun-loving way about them. I can't say enough about how much love, tears and laughter was spread throughout the day AND how hospitable they all were! After the ceremony, they wanted to grab a quick lunch. Laughter spread through the courtyard of the Church they were married as they all sat together as one family grabbing sandwiches before moving on. The whole family insisted we grab some food as well and sit with them. We grabbed a light bite and that wasn't enough for them, they offered up everything they were having. It wasn't just one person it was EVERYONE. It is such an encouragement to see such love for others and more so for two who fit so well together in life and love. May God bless you two and your families as move forward!  Here are a few of my favorites from that day!

Wedding Dress ~ Demetrios
Getting Ready ~ Westin Hotel
Reception ~ Café Ponte
Florist ~ Jennie's Flowers
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas 
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0000collage.jpg  photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0017.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0092.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0095.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0098.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0148.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0150.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0157.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0183.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0205.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0206.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0281.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0292.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0446.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0559.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0660.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0668.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0677.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0680.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0685.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0688.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0726.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0784.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0801.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0813.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0822.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0839.jpg  photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0873.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0882.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0915.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0923.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0927.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0935.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0940.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0945.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0948.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0954.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO0976.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO1008.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO1136.jpg
 photo 122014FrancheskaGonzalezandDylanPalamittamJO1140.jpg

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