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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lourdes and Johnathan Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Lourdes and Johnathan have deep ties as Noles. They met through mutual friends on the Tallahassee campus and knew something special was there. They love adventures and exploring new things and places, and on their fifth anniversary, they took a trip together to the Bahamas. There in the beautiful tropics, Johnathan proposed. They selected the Hyatt's rooftop terrace for their ceremony since it has that beachfront view - but without having to step foot on the sand. One of the most touching parts of their ceremony was that Johnathan's grandfather officiated the ceremony and gave the blessing at dinner, and then Lourdes and her father had the most lively and entertaining Latin dance for their father-daughter dance! Congratulations, Lourdes and Johnathan! May you both be blessed with many more years of adventure and laughter!

Photography by: Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer: Heather Kline | Associate Photography: Erica Csaltos
Venue and Caterer: Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Hair and Makeup: Jess Waldrop Makeup Artists

 photo 1.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0000Collage.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0024.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0017.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0033.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0135.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0142.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0183.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0177.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0413.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0420.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0497.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0339.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0344.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0489.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0503.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0511.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0519.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0527.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0521.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0615.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0672.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0747.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0741.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0823.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0828.jpg

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