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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sarah and Jeffrey Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Bay Watch | Tierra Verde, FL Wedding Photography

On the last night of college before leaving for summer, sparks flew. Through mutual friends, Sarah and Jeffrey met, and even though it was his last year, they stayed in touch and knew they were meant to be. With similar hobbies and interests like any kind of outdoor activity, they enjoyed so many adventures together while dating. Then one Christmas morning while hunting - for presents, that is - Jeffrey presented Sarah with tickets to the Nutcracker. And an engagement ring! Since most of his family is from the northeast, they chose the Tampa Bay Watch for its Cape Cod feel, which was perfectly matched with their love of the outdoors. It was a beautiful day as these two families came together with lots of friends to enjoy the perfectly wonderful weather, and the best way to start the new year - witnessing two of their favorite people promising forever! Congratulations, Sarah and Jeffrey! We wish you all the best!

Photography by Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer: Heather | Associate Photographer: Erica

Event Planner: Tracie Domino Events
Wedding Gown: Jon's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Cake and Catering: Catering by the Family
Hair and Makeup: Anna Pohl with Jess Waldrop
Invitations: Zazzle
Florist: Elegant Designs
Videographer: Steadfast Weddings

 photo 1315SarahJeffreyHK0000Collage.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0017.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0032.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0075.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0178.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0026.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0105.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0124.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0209.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0193.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0181.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0204.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0276.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0561.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0743.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0754.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0774.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0784.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0793.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0926.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0789.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0296.jpg

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 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK1026.jpg

 photo 1315SarahJeffreylHK0964.jpg

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