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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Leah and Jake Featured in the Limelight | Don CeSar | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Leah and Jake were married in a beautiful beach ceremony at the Don CeSar resort in St. Petersburg!  This fun couple was all smiles as they said their vows on the resort's South Beach and had a great time celebrating with their guests in an energetic reception on the North Terrace.  The couple live in St. Pete but are originally from Louisiana so I loved the personal touches that paid homage to their home state!  There were Mardi Gras masks, beautiful tones of purple, small fleur-di-lis' incorporated throughout and tables named after famous streets!  It was all done in an elegant and subtle way and I loved that I was able to incorporate that theme in a few pictures of the couples rings!  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

Photography by Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Assistant Photographer | Michael Tunnell

Caterer | Don CeSar 
Ceremony and Reception Location | Don CeSar 
Event Planner | Cheers Events 
Hair Stylist | Jackie Cuppies
Make-up Arist | Erika
Wedding Gown | Demetrios 

 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0000collage_zpssuaamg90.jpg
 photo 1.16.15LeahJakeSM_0001_zpshe8vmnjz.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0009_zpsmp4nx48c.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0021_zpsqoorslca.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0058_zpsngu75skc.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0068_zpsorqvenow.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0076_zpsfe3rjted.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0079_zpsigoprpg3.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0108_zpsko5mnteh.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0130_zpstbuk1xje.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0097_zpsagpo7opf.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0157_zps757b5hhy.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0168_zpsmjwfvgib.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0090_zpsplcvatm2.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0139_zpswk5b3hce.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0194_zpseoeieevg.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0185_zps4owxxiok.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0187_zpsetkpnhz9.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0261_zpscozxgfo0.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0284_zpsctsiy5w6.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0289_zpsinm2h9zx.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0305_zpsjcthhyyy.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0316_zpspgj1lx5e.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0341_zpslm8ai4p0.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0347_zpsijhcjjuw.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0349_zpslw4knts8.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0454_zpsgjsdk8hp.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0456_zpsxqhtsmzp.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0458_zpskruh4dif.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0447_zpsngiet5ep.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0449_zps2lfaa4dd.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0438_zpslkrisedy.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0428_zpsdbfzkhrm.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0446_zps2tfaamyd.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0434_zpsrosgl6he.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0483_zps41lonaqn.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0616_zpslmpvvlwx.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0642_zpszqedwmr1.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0618_zpsdqebg7au.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0511_zpsfsgdicqf.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0518_zpswoxyypek.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0652_zpsqrlp8nnv.jpg
 photo 1.17.15LeahJakeSM_0814_zpse1f46vuw.jpg

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