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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Theresa and Reuven Step into the Limelight | Philipe Park, Safety Harbor FL | Safety Harbor Engagement Photographer

I am so excited to photograph this amazing couple's wedding in October at the Sandpearl in Clearwater Beach.  Theresa and Reuven are such a lovely couple, so sweet and easy to get along with... and lets not forget Chase, their sweet Golden boy.  Chase was REALLY excited to hold the "Save the Date" sign, but most of all I think he was excited to be apart of this special day.  

Here are some of my favorites from our session.

 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0002.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0011.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0012.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0014.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0022.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0024.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0029.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0032.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0035.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0036.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0040.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0043.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0044.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0045.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0051.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0052.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0055.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0058.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0061.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0073.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0075.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0076.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0079.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0090.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0092.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0098.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0106.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0107.jpg
 photo 13015TheresaReuven102315CC0109.jpg

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