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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brigid and James are Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach | Clearwater FL Weddings

I had the privilege of meeting up with Brigid and James for their engagement. They were full of sentiments, they had a respect of their past representing it together and had such a great sense of humor and excitement. It was so beautiful to see that, and to get to know them. I just love them! We gathered together on their wedding day at the Hyatt Regency and was thrilled to be a part of their day. Brigid was so quick witted and fun, so were her family and friends, James so caring and thoughtful. It was a bright and beautiful day for them! They danced the night away, we actually started to dance ourselves as Michael from Grant Hemond and Associates opened up the dance floor! A fun and eventful night ~ many blessed wishes and wonderful years together!

Wedding Gown ~ Donna Morello Couture
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Dessy
Invitations ~ Megan Fain
Videographer ~ VH Video
 photo 2.21.15BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO.jpg  photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00040.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00112.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00189.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00199.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00210.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00221.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00048.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00055.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00094.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00110.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00245.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00248.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00281.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00314 copy.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00318-01.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00326.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00349.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00391.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00401.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00519.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00541.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00546.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00548_1.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00649.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00775.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00785.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00794.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00816.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00819.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00830.jpg
 photo 2.21.2015BrigidGribbinandJamesGashJO00839.jpg

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