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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Laura & Ron Featured in the Limelight | The Vinoy Renaissance Resort, St. Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Laura and Ron had a beautiful ceremony at Christ United Methodist in downtown St. Pete, the church  was an amazing setting for this sweet couple to say their vows in the company of their friends and family.  After the ceremony, the Vinoy resort made a wonderful backdrop for the bride and groom portraits before going on to the Sunset Ballroom for the reception.

Lead Photographer | Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer | Stephanie Duffiny

Some of the wonderful vendors of the day...
Band/ DJ ~ Shawn Brown Entertainment
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bari-Jay
Wedding Gown ~ The Dressing Room
Florist ~ Redman Steele
Ceremony Site ~ Christ United Methodist Church 

 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC000collage.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0042.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0063.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0076.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0106.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0115.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0127.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0139.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0167.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0175.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0184.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0253.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0257.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0270.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0279.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0340.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0343.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0358.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0362.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0387.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0409.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0434.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0612.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0629.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0637.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0640.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0669.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0691.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0704.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0730.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0775.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0784.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0798.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0819.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0831.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0833.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0834.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0837.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0839.jpg
 photo 3.06.15LauraRonCC0847.jpg

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