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Friday, May 15, 2015

Ashley & Florideo Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach FL | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photographer

I just have the most fabulous brides and grooms, I know I say this every time but it's true.  I had an amazing day working with this beautiful couple.  Ashley is so laid back and fun, her smile lights up her face and Deo, well he is just as kind and laid back with a smile for Ashley to light up both of their can't deny their love for each other.
The Sky Terrace is always such a beautiful location for the ceremony, and the venue really just complimented all the details that Ashley and Deo chose.  The colors were bright, the floral was timeless and the ambience was sweet and romantic.  The light that day, OH the light for their wedding day was warm and gorgeous right into the sunset.

Congratulations to Ashley and Deo, thank you for having me capture these beautiful memories for you to cherish forever.

Main Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffiny
Intern ~ Carlos Rello

Some of the wonderful vendors that helped make this day perfect for Ashley and Florideo

DJ ~ Glen Harmon
Cake ~ Chantilly Cakes
Caterer ~ Hyatt
Ceremony Cite ~ Sky Terrace Hyatt Clearwater Beach
Event Planner ~ Lindsey Sikes - Hyatt Clearwater Beach
Wedding Gown ~ Justin Alexander
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Florist ~ Belle Fleur
Hair Stylist ~ Michelle Renee Studio
Make-up Artist ~ Michelle Renee Studio
Invitations ~ SE Designs
Videographer ~ Wedding Bug

 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0000Collage.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0019.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0076.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0117.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0141.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0157.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0160.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0181.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0188.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0208.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0222.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0272.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0276.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0281.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0289.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0298.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0400.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0441.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0482.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0496.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0513.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0527.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0546.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0587.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0696.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0713.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0718.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0726.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0734.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0743.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0758.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0804.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0807.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0902.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0927.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0931.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0933.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0946.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0955.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0967.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0968.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0974.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0980.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0985.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0989.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC0998.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC1003.jpg
 photo 5.01.15AshleyDeoCC1120.jpg

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