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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Desiree and Ed Step into the Limelight | Floridan and Riverwalk | Tampa, FL Engagement

I met up with Desiree and Ed on a sunny mid afternoon at the Historic Floridan Hotel. Immediately upon meeting them I could tell they were such a fun couple. It was a quiet day at the Hotel, but those two quickly filled it with laughter. They fed off each other and kept the conversation flowing with such ease I felt like already knew them! We started at the Floridan and later ventured over, spending most of our time, at Tampa's new Riverwalk by Ulele. I enjoyed meeting and working with Desiree and Ed! Congratulations to these two, they will be married November 8 at the Birchwood in St. Petersburg, FL.  Here are a few of my favorites!

 photo IMG_556822.jpg 

 photo IMG_559422.jpg 

 photo IMG_560922.jpg 

 photo IMG_560822.jpg 

 photo IMG_564822.jpg 

 photo IMG_566022.jpg 

 photo IMG_573422.jpg 

 photo IMG_575422.jpg 

 photo IMG_579422.jpg 

 photo IMG_580222.jpg 

 photo IMG_5414.jpg 

 photo IMG_5429.jpg

 photo IMG_5481.jpg 

 photo IMG_5501.jpg 

 photo IMG_5533.jpg 

 photo IMG_5564.jpg 

 photo IMG_5578.jpg 

 photo IMG_583622.jpg 

 photo IMG_5595.jpg 

 photo IMG_587922.jpg 

 photo IMG_592122.jpg 

 photo IMG_594022.jpg 

 photo IMG_596322.jpg 

 photo IMG_599922.jpg 

 photo IMG_600322.jpg 

 photo IMG_601422.jpg 

 photo IMG_603022.jpg 

 photo IMG_5426.jpg

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