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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sara and Matthew Featured in the Limelight | Espiritu Santo Catholic Church and The Sheraton Sand Key | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

Sara and Mathew first met in elementary school after being placed in the same third grade class. They began dating in just the tenth grade, and have been in love ever since! They recently tied the knot at Espiritu Santo Church, with their reception at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort.
Their reception location came as no surprise, considering how much these two love the beach! They claim that their two favorite things to do are eat and go to the beach... in fact, Mathew proposed to Sara right on the water after a romantic dinner! They ate at Bella Brava to celebrate Sara accepting her first teaching position, and afterward were taken around the water in Downtown St. Petersburg by a horse-drawn carriage. When they were dropped off, Mathew got down on one knee and proposed- and Sara said yes, of course!
When asked what they love about each other the most, Sara noted Mathew's ability to always stay calm and keep her calm as well. Mathew dubbed Sara's sense of humor as his favorite trait of hers. 
This classy wedding was signature Mathew and Sara style with the black bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos, with a fun twist at the candy bar (which they both said was one of their favorite wedding details)! They were such an energetic, young couple and a real pleasure to work with. Congratulations, Mathew and Sara!

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 
Assistant Photographer | Carlos Rello

DJ | Grant Hemond 
Cake | Publix
Ceremony Site | Espiritu Santo Catholic Church 
Florist | Arlene Floral Designer 
Hair and Make-up | Destiny and Light
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas 
Reception Venue | Sheraton Sand Key 

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