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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Andria and Dusty Step into the Limelight | Private Estate | Dade City, FL Engagement Photography

I just loved working with Andria and Dusty for their engagement session in Dade City, FL!  We started on a private lake front dock for a few portraits and then headed out to a beautiful property with sprawling oak trees and tall grass.  My favorite part of their session was getting to shoot with Dusty's herd of cows and in his hay field.  I loved the images I was able to capture with their wedding date posted on a few bails of hay.  This couple was very creative in their ideas and it was awesome that they worked so hard to make this session happen!  We were blessed with beautiful weather and it was just a perfect evening!  I can't wait for their wedding day in December!

 photo AndriaCollage_0001_zps7frwndor.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0002_zpsv9namuij.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0003_zpsnndguvwq.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0004_zpswahgz1so.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0005_zpstnwjs0bi.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0006_zpseq7he53h.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0007_zpszeknp7h2.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0008_zpscxki5er7.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0009_zpseujwdrwl.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0010_zpssjsjmfec.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0011_zpsj2uixyil.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0012_zpsk9zrz1hw.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0013_zpsjmwlecb4.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0014_zpsunzdjbjz.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0015_zpsj9gwxwgo.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0016_zpsdgl84rlg.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0017_zps6mdjbodo.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0018_zps5fctjzau.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0019_zps9jssn3lm.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0020_zpsysvblkdk.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0021_zpshd8lzppi.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0022_zpsxatfa2lg.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0023_zps2trgnvoc.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0024_zpsn2azmohx.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0025_zpsc2x9b4gy.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0026_zpsdxgzeb39.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0027_zpszkjkqcfa.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0028_zpsxkd0una8.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0029_zpspt8jnhq9.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0030_zpsqgiplxgd.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0031_zpsjcvmy2en.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0032_zpsryr6k3wb.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0033_zpsi7yexlz3.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0034_zpselad9xlm.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0035_zps6onwiode.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0036_zpsaw2mr9in.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0037_zpsxjf4q8uq.jpg
 photo AndriaCollage_0038_zpspj0hbh4z.jpg

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