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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Laura and Kenny Featured in the Limelight | Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Laura and Kenny met through mutual friends in January of 2010. Kenny proposed on May 16, 2014 at the beach in Cancun.He wanted to go for a walk before dinner. Laura was getting annoyed he was pressuring her to get ready so fast and she told him no! So he finally convinced her to take the walk after dinner. They enjoy going to the beach together, being active, playing sports, watching movies and spending time with family and friends.Laura love's Kenny's sense of humor and the way he cares about his family and friends. He is not a man of feelings through many words, but  you can see through his actions the pureness of his heart. Kenny loves Laura's personality and their ability to have fun with each other.

The dress was designed by Luisa Nichols - she is Colombia and Latin America’s top wedding dress designer - she is also Laura's older brothers high school best friends and their families have always been very close. Laura explains, "The process of the dress started with me creating a board of what I like... I knew I wanted a low back- something I've always to find so sexy but yet classy. Also, not strapless be I be grabbing at it all night hoping it wouldn't fall down... And last, I want it to be so simple and classy that it would allows me to dance- be as you saw that night I just love it. Also- Kenny is also very conservative and I knew he would like something lean and light over a puffy big dress.”

Kenny is a HUGE sports fan, and Laura is too - that’s one of the things he says he loves about her that she participates and enjoys watching sports or going to the games. Kenny is very much into every single type of fantasy league (football, basketball, golf, baseball). Laura has also had a couple of teams (and actually beat him several years) - so when he came up with the idea of a draft board for the seating chart the idea was perfect!!

Wow... So many other details:
  a. The signs for Carly and Lenny: those were two people very important in their lives, who they had lost— the sign was the physical representation of the spiritual presence, which was very evident in the love and feeling in the room
  b. The entrance: oh boy, I actually do think this was Kenny’s favorite part of everything. From a young age, he had been a WWE fan but most importantly- a fan of The Rock! Replicating his entrance was his dream come true- and having it be a surprise to everyone was even better.
  c. The decorations: it was important to Laura, to be very simple… Clean... No clutter ... No mixture of colors. The white flowers, the candles and the lighting were perfect!
  e. The music... The mix between Spanish and English music was perfect! It's not only their two cultures but I believe it set such a happy and fun feeling around the room that everyone was dancing and laughing!
  f. Crazy hour/ Hora Loca: this is Latino custom... Bringing props out to have fun with-- this def made the difference as the party was getting late. Everyone love it and embrace this and the Pictures are awesome! 

Photography by Limelight Photography 

Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 

Wedding Planner | Table 6 Productions
Ceremony and Reception Venue | Renaissance Vinoy 
Florist | Redman Steele 
DJ and Lighting | DJ Felix 
Hair and Make-up Artist | Jess Waldrop 
Invitations | Columbia Vendor 
Ceremony Musicians | Bella Musica 
Videographer | VH Video 

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