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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stephanie and Mat are Featured in the Limelight | Hurd Orchards Farm & Market , Holley NY | NY Wedding Photography

This wedding was special and full of adventure... Stephanie is one of our own Limelight photographers, she just happens to be my wonderful assistant/ second shooter.  So naturally I set out on a little adventure to be right there to capture her special day, I am so honored and excited that I was able to be a part of their beautiful upstate New York wedding  

Hurd Orchards was an amazing backdrop for their rustic/modern wedding. This Orchard is nestled right in the beautiful countryside of upstate NY, the setting is rich with green grass, cherry trees, open fields and an old barn and house.  The splashes of color in the wildflowers were a perfect compliment to Stephanie and Mat's details. Although I love my FL weddings, I have to say it was so inspiring to shoot somewhere completely new, it was a new adventure and I look forward to going back to NY soon.  I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites for this one.

Main Photographer ~ Christi Curtis

Ceremony & Reception Venue ~ Hurd Orchards
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Burlington Coat Factory
Event Planner ~ Molly Machamer
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal
Cake ~ Dana (sister of bride)

 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0001collage.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0025.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0058.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0094.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0124.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0137.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0186 copy.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0198.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0221.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0237.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0242.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0246.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0280.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0298.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0303.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0315.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0317.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0341.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0415.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0441.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0464.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0504.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0548.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0572.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0589.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0598.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0620.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0670.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0783.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0810.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0815.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0820.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0821.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0873.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC0906.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1003.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1072.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1087.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1099.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1130.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1166.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1171.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1173.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1179.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1359.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1417.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1473.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1479.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1486.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1493.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1498.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1514.jpg
 photo 6.13.15StephanieMatCC1537.jpg

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