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Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer and Mark Step into the Limelight | Ponte Vedra Inn and Club | Ponte Vedra, FL Engagement Photography

Summer and Mark are getting married next fall in St. Augustine, Florida so while they were in town from New Orleans for their engagement party we were able to meet up for an awesome engagement session at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!  We split their session into two parts to take advantage of the beautiful east coast sunrise!  The first part was an evening session at the club as Summer and Mark are avid golfers.  It was fun to incorporate some balls and clubs into a few shots.  We had a lovely sunset that evening looking out over the course which made for some beautiful photos.  The next morning we all got up before the sun to meet on the beach to see what the sunrise would bring us and it was completely worth it because we were treated to an absolutely gorgeous scene.  My favorite shot of the morning was my very first one just before the sun came up over the horizon.  I was able to capture a beautiful silhouette and reflection in a tide pool.  At home on the west coast of Florida this would have normally been my last shot of the night but out of the east coast it was my first shot of the morning!  I am so excited to work with this couple again for their wedding day!

 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0001_zpsigqz2awt.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0002_zps8lqogr0k.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0003_zpsofdjuxyw.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0004_zpsfhxgofd1.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0005_zpsyoxoszxh.jpg
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 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0008_zpstil45bht.jpg
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 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0010_zpsqgg5lu50.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0011_zpsfywq1un3.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0012_zpsw951cr68.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0013_zpswyal9vkh.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0014_zpslihc0uhb.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0015_zps7sl4hkld.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0016_zps02tclmzg.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0017_zpsui7iemu5.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0018_zpszzuf2lhd.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0019_zpskiv5vetu.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0020_zps5rggsxcu.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0021_zpshu87pzpf.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0022_zps0zqggxyc.jpg
 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0023_zps1f6pgjxm.jpg
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 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0031_zpsauc90s82.jpg
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 photo SummerMarkFeatured_0040_zpsgnga6g63.jpg

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