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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mandi and Tony Featured in the Limelight | St. Cecelia Catholic Church and the Sandpearl | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

Tony proposed to Mandi on the rooftop at Armani's Restaurant located at the Hyatt in Tampa. Very romantic! Especially being under the stars :)

The overall story of their wedding was basically illustrating how they fell in love and the celebration of the amazing love that they share. All of their guests could feel their love for one another at their wedding. This wedding was an environment where everyone felt: Excited, Happy, Comfortable, Optimistic!
They both love each other's outgoing and loving personalities. They love to make each other laugh and make each other so happy. They both love to support and push one another to the best of each other's abilities. They most importantly love to enjoy life together and living it to the fullest right by each other's side.

Mandi and Tony both love to spend time with family and friends. They love to be outside poolside, at the beach, or on the boat. They both love to travel together. They definitely love to wine and dine. They enjoy attending concerts and sporting events as well.

They both love to be at the beach so the Sandpearl was perfect. One of their first weekends together they spent  at the Sandpearl and right outside their balcony a couple was in the midst of exchanging  their vows and celebrating their new life together. This was a moment that they will never forget. Inspiration for their wedding day attire was their location at the beach and the summer season. They chose soft and uplifting colors that also symbolize their love and relationship: Taupe, Ivory, Champagne, Blush.
The theme and style of their wedding was very romantic, classic, and traditional. They also added a little bit of a rustic feel through the decor as well. Everything from the smallest details such as decor and flowers, day of stationary, guest book that is a hanging canvas, and much more are all little details that made their wedding unique. They also had a memory tree that honoring those that could not be with them on their special day. Most importantly those that they shared their day with made it special and valuable to Mandi and Tony.

Walking down the aisle together as Mr. and Mrs. was a very memorable part at the ceremony. At the reception the dancing and celebrating all together with friends and family was a huge highlight. Also, We their dances together with each other and with their mothers were very exciting moments. Both of their fathers were not at the wedding so it was a very meaningful time.

Definitely the first look at one another down the aisle was impactful because they did not do the first look. They wanted to keep it very traditional so the first time they eyes met was when Mandi walked down the aisle. 

Mandi and Tony's favorite part of the day always is around sunset,  so they really enjoyed being with each other taking pictures around that time. Many of their favorite details lay in the decor and flowers as well. In their favors for the guests, they incorporated where we met (At the Blue Martini) and so at each setting at the tables each guest will receive an engraved Blue Martini glass- this really added a more personal touch to their wedding. Cheers to their new life together!

Bridesmaids Dresses | JLM Couture 
Caterer | Sandpearl 
Event Planner | Artistry Design | Barb Oehlerking and Sash
Full Coordination Services
Colors - Creamy Ivory and Blush, Silver 
Specialty Linens and Sashes
Chiavari Chairs
Charger Plates
Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Florist | Artistry Designs | Barb Oehlerking
Hydrangeas, Garden Roses, Roses, Spray Roses, Lilies, Dusty Miller, Phaelanopsis Orchids, Dendrodium Orchids, Callas
Hair and Make-up Artist | Meghan Fantle 
Invitations | AP Design Co. 
Reception Venue | Sandpearl 
Videographer | VH Video 
Wedding Gown | Inbal Dror - The Collection Bridal 

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos
Associate Photographer-In-Training | Carlos Rello

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