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Monday, August 24, 2015

Lauren and Matthew Step into the Limelight | Downtown Dunedin| Dunedin FL Engagement

Lauren and Matthew met in Tampa, USF that is. The two played in band there and a relationship started .  From Tampa to North Carolina to Miami, they grew together and found what is important~ each other. I have to say this~ when Lauren and I scheduled an engagement session first, there were schedule conflicts, the second round we had horrible weather~ there was no way we could squeeze in the session (I felt horrible as we had been trying to find a date, that date so happened while Tampa Bay had a 2 week stint of straight record-breaking rain), the third scheduled spot rain clouds loomed over us but their spirits were high. They weren't local so that added to, BUT both Matthew and Lauren just said 'ok let's do it' and boy it was fun~ we stepped around town without a drop! Their patience, kindness and fun (along with their sweet lil doggie whom I just fell in love with!) helped make the best lemonade out of lemons! We are thrilled to be a part of their wedding in May!

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00001.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00011.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00025.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00032.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00045.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00055.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00073.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00087.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00093.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00103.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00111.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00114.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00122.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00130.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00136.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00147.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00160.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00166.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00169.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00173.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00180.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00192.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00196.jpg

 photo 8.8.15LaurenLindemannMatthewGates5.14.16JO00202.jpg

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