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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hillary and Geno Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach, Clearwater FL | Clearwater Wedding Photography

Hillary and Geno were such a pleasure to photograph... I am so honored that I was able to capture this amazingly beautiful wedding for them to remember forever.  Right before the ceremony, the Florida skies opened up and gave us a little pour down... but then the skies opened up and graced us with an incredible sky just in time for the Terrace ceremony and then pictures to follow.  It was a perfect Florida day, a quick rain and then a beautiful sky just for our lovely couple that travelled all the way from PA to have a ceremony with an ocean backdrop.
Congratulation Hillary and Geno!

Vendors that helped make this day perfect 

DJ ~ Breezing Entertainment/ Joshua
Bridesmaids dresses ~ BHLDN
Cake ~ Cakes by Nomeda
Caterer ~ Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa
Event Planner ~ Lindsey Sikes
Florist ~ The Rose Garden
Hair Stylist & Make up~ Jess Waldrop
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Gown ~ Enzoani

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0095.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0105.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0124.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0147.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0165.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0177.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0188.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0191.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0194.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0230.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0248.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0266.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0272.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0313.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0316.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0321.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0375.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0378.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0421.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0424.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0483.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0484.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0514.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0515.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0529.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0602.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0610.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0617.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0618.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0620.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0623.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0629.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0638.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0644.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0653.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0655.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0657.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0660.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0681.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0738.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0794.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0848.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0849.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0855.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0860.jpg
 photo 10.03.15HillaryGenoCC0861.jpg

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