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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lauren and Cory Featured in the Limelight | Our Lady of Perpetual Help | 1930 Grande Room | Ybor City, FL Wedding Photography

Lauren and Cory had a beautiful fall wedding day in Ybor City, Florida. Guests joined these two in a lovely ceremony at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the heart of Ybor City, and then made their way to the 1930's Grande Room to continue the timeless celebration of Lauren and Cory's love. Their wedding day was so sweet to be apart of and had a classical vintage flair. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :) 
Band/DJ ~ Grant Hemond and Associates
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Brides by Demetrios Tampa
Cake ~ Laurie Molina
Caterer ~ StoneChef
Ceremony Site ~ Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Florist ~ Wendy Turnmel - Artistic Florist of Tampa
Hair Stylist ~ Morgan Thompson 
Reception Venue ~ 1930 Grande Room
Lighting & Projections ~ Music On The Move
Wedding Gown ~ Vocelles The Bridal Shoppe
 photo 11.20.15LaurenCorySTORY.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0076.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0079.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0054.jpg photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0085.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0238.jpg photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0148.jpg    photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0247.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0260.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0226.jpg photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0334.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0351.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0358.jpg     photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0423.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0434.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0390.jpg photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0524.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0525.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0528.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0537.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0543.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0553.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0555.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0580.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0613.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0614.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0627.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0637.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0659.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0663.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0668.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0672.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0748.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0756.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0762.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0766.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0764.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0772.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0777.jpg photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0773.jpg   photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0787.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0791.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0793.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0795.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0797.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0805.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0848.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0849.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0963.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF0982.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF1003.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF1139.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF1141.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF1145.jpg  photo 11.20.15LaurenCoryAF1148.jpg

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