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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lea and Chad are Featured in the Limelight | Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina | Key West FL | Key West Weddings

Lea and Chad knew each other in highschool but it wasn't until they reconnected in college at Kona Grill in 2009 when something really sparked. On their first vacation together they went on a cruise that stopped at Key West. Not only did they fall in love with the area but also with each other even more during this special vacation. And so, when he proposed and the planning started Key West seemed like the perfect spot for them to say their I do's. And it was! We had the pleasure meeting up with Chad and Lea the Friday before their wedding to go around to a few unique spots in Key West for a bridal session. What a blast and what beautiful weather greeted them! Upon meeting them, their family and friends we were blown away by all the love and support that surrounded them and how much fun they all were. On Lea and Chad's big day, there was a call for rain. Clouds loomed over them as they got ready but everything broke right before and we had a beautiful bright sky for their ceremony. The rain scare earlier actually helped cool everything off! Chatting with Lea about how the weather was just perfect and their day was just perfect she replied with such happiness and confidence that she 'prayed it would all work out everyday' and it did. It was a wonderful day and such a wonderful couple. I am very excited to congratulate the two in the form of pictures of their beautiful wedding day! May God bless you abundantly in your lives together~

Lea and Chad Weisz Wedding
Lead Photographer | Jess Orthober
Associate Photographer | Erica Csatlos
Ceremony and Reception | Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina
Wedding Gown | La Reve Bridal Couture
Bridemaids' Dresses | Ventura's Bridal
Videographer | Joanna with Soundwave

 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0000collage.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0062.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0078.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0095.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0104.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0111.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0118.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0126.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0131.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0133.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0139.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0152.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0167.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0177.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0180.jpg
 photo 11.20.15LeaChadJO0186.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0026.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0102.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0116.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0173.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0175.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0178.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0259.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0270.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0288.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0361.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0381.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0479.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0499.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0507.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0511.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0541.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0545.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0551.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0556.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0562.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0578.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0590.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0599.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0663.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0690.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0707.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0944.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO0950.jpg
 photo 11.22.15LeaChadJO1002.jpg

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