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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christina and Scott Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach FL | Clearwater Wedding Photographer

Christina and Scott met through mutual friends in 2009.  Christina says "We call each other our puzzle piece because we truly fit together, Scott fits into my family, makes me laugh and is my best friend".

Christina and Scott were just SO amazing to photograph... not to mention they had the most beautiful Florida day.  The air was crisp and the sky was a beautiful clear blue.  It was the coldest day in December, but the most beautiful weather for their sky terrace ceremony.  The details were amazing and nothing was left out, everything was in it's place, labeled and decorated in the perfect way.  
We were also blessed with the most amazing sunset.
The reception to follow was equally as beautiful with splashes of soft color, candle light and warm up lighting.

Congratulations Christina & Scott!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Caterer ~ Hyatt Regency
Ceremony Site ~ Sky Terrace at Hyatt Clearwater Beach
Event Planner ~ Lindsey Sikes
Wedding Gown ~ Bridal Beginnings

 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00047.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00147.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00184.jpg

 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00205.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00187.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00209.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00216.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00229.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00265.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00304.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00328.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00341.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00371.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00374.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00379.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00398.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00414.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00421.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00441.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00451.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00456.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00471.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00482.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00488.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00501.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00505.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00507.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00516.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00529.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00533.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00617.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00620.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00660.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00718.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00746.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00786.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00814.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00827.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00892.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00924.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00931.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00940.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00950.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00955.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00969.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC00998.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC01002.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC01152.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC01224.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC01399.jpg
 photo 12.19.15ChristinaScottCC01409.jpg

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