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Friday, February 19, 2016

Marry Me Tampa Bay is Featured in the Limelight | The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club

Marry Me Tampa Bay hosted their first ever Wedding Week – which is a week long wedding planning experience for future brides and grooms to celebrate their engagement during six unique events hosted each day. Marry Me Tampa Bay is a wedding blog and planning website made to help future brides create the wedding of their dreams. On February 16th, 2016, Limelight Photography had the pleasure of being apart of the bridal show held in the Tea Garden at The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club.

Being a beautiful sunny and seventy-five Florida day, it was a perfect setup to showcase Limelight’s work at the bridal show. There were a few exceptional vendors outlining the Tea Garden, each displaying eye-catching booths showcasing examples of their work and company. The venue was setup with a few soft, intimate sized cocktail tables, each personalized with lovely tablecloths and adorable flower centerpieces. All wrapped up with a DJ providing fun music to set the exciting mood for everyone. Every detail and aspect of the entire bridal show blended together very well and created a beautiful experience for each couple and vendor.

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Assistant | Dafne Spencer 
Intern | Ciara Isaac 

Marry Me Tampa Bay | Anna Coats 
DJ - Photo Booth | Boone's Professional Events  
Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids
Cakes | Trudy Melissa Cakes  
Wedding Decor | Signature Event

   photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0000Collage_zpsjkpcfhyw.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0003_zpssl3etmwb.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0009_zpszrecbdbl.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0019_zpsk1l5pwln.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0021_zpse65burhq.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0009_zpszrecbdbl.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0023_zps5luou2h9.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0024_zpsdjccegdt.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0043_zpsqsg6rehl.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0053_zpsl44qpuzh.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0059_zpssxcqigsq.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0075_zpsghoqn8db.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0076_zpsknonmt5w.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0080_zpswky0mig2.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0083_zpsw6gohhsm.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0090_zpsufab12mi.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0097_zpsqltyfryn.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0101_zpsipfzwbvt.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0102_zpswhrkisa8.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0104_zpsxxfemncp.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0111_zpsl3vj3xcf.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0113_zpsesczybij.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0119_zpsgatb5zqu.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0123_zpspchmukq9.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0124_zpsuzrfcfu5.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0129_zpsufl9bebd.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0130_zpsyiupmank.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0137_zpsucsixasp.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0138_zpszxjnveji.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0139_zpsnfqoz66w.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0144_zpsmdygc1pf.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0152_zps68dhrbl6.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0153_zpsxecgikgw.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0154_zpsmivbfick.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0163_zpsd0wrju2r.jpg

 photo 2.16.16MerryMeTampaBayCR0173_zpszd7ffxdr.jpg

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