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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sarah and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Jackson's Bistro | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

It was so great to meet Sarah and Chris and shoot their rehearsal dinner in downtown Tampa at Jackson's Bistro on the water. Guests flew in from all over to enjoy a beautiful wedding weekend with this couple, kicking off with a dazzling rehearsal dinner infused with the cultural aspects of the Pakistani traditions with henna and hookah. It was great to meet these two and shoot a fabulous dinner and party. Congrats to the newlyweds! :) 

 photo four_squared_grid.jpg photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0123.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0141.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0119.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0137.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0125.jpg   photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0150.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0155.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0183.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0199.jpg  photo 3.18.16SarahChrisRehearsalAF0213.jpg  

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