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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lauren and Saimon Step into the Limelight | Downtown Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

It was a delight to meet up with Lauren and Saimon for their engagement session in downtown Tampa. These two met at dental-nursing social as Saimon is in dentistry and Lauren is a nurse. They hit it off and after 4 years Saimon proposed to Lauren on Clearwater beach, and she said yes! :) It was great to meet these two and can't wait for their wedding on the Yacht Starship in October :) 

 photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0089.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0037.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0049.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0061.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0077.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0009.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0013.jpg    photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0021.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0039.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0056.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0020.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0044.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0042.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0045.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0065.jpg photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0046.jpg      photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0072.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0087.jpg  photo 3.31.16LaurenStuckeyAF0090.jpg