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Friday, April 1, 2016

Sarah and Chris are Featured in the Limelight | Downtown Hilton Weddings | Tampa FL, Tampa Weddings

Upon my first phone call with Sarah and Chris, I immediately loved them. They were preparing an intimate ceremony from Washington DC to be with family and friends in Tampa. They immediately told me upon our conversation that their main focus was family. They had so much love and respect for their family and wanted to bring everyone together in celebration. The two did just that! Sarah and Chris had an intimate wedding in the chic downtown Hilton Hotel. While it was anticipated to be an outdoor wedding, rain kept it inside but neither minded. Their focus was so much for others that if they were disappointed at all, no one showed it and it still ended up to be a beautiful ceremony. Personable, with both brothers speaking in honor of the two. Sarah added enchanting pieces of Indian traditions to their day. Incorporating a Mendhi artist to provide elegant henna, hand embroidered lehenga and veil, these beautiful golds popped making Sarah look like a princess.  Wherever the two went they were surrounded by 'oohs' and 'awws', she was breathtaking!  It was such a wonderful day for Sarah and Chris, rain or shine! Congratulations to the wonderful couple, here are a few favorites from that day!

Limelight Photography | Ann Fuentes

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