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Monday, May 23, 2016

Riley and Jimi Step Into the Limelight | Downtown St. Petersburg | St. Petersburg Engagement Photography

It was wonderful to meet up with Riley and Jimi for their engagement session in downtown St. Petersburg. These two met while working at Apple in Michigan and hit it off. One day while on vacation at Disney world, Jimi proposed in a very fairy-tale esq way - in front of the castle(awwww).  These two will be getting married on the beach at the Sirata Beach Resort in October. Can't wait for their wedding! : )
 photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0204.jpg photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0019.jpg   photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0025.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0032.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0037.jpg    photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0051.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0053.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0066.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0072.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0088.jpg   photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0110.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0114.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0121.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0124.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0128.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0129.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0131.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0141.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0144.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0148.jpg   photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0160.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0168.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0171.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0182.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0152.jpg photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0184.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0186.jpg  photo 5.9.16JimiRileyAF0191.jpg 

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