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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sara and Shelby Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Bay Watch | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Sara and Shelby had a beautiful destination wedding here in Florida at wildlife preservation Tampa Bay Watch in St. Petersburg, FL. Friends and family traveled in from around the area and Indiana to join these two in a lovely ceremony by the bay. These two met while living in the same apartment complex in Indiana. Together they enjoy traveling, going to concerts, and the lake. On one of their adventures in Australia, during a private meet and greet with a koala bear, Shelby proposed to Sara! :) These two had a wonderful celebration with all their loved ones! It was a blast to work with this sweet couple - and their furry friends - congrats to the newlyweds! :)  It was a blast to work with this sweet couple and congrats to the newlyweds! :) 

Band/DJ ~ Fast Breaks Entertainment
Cake ~ Publix
Caterers ~ A & N Italian
Ceremony Site ~ Tampa Bay Watch
Bar & Bartenders ~ U Dream Events
Florist ~ 2Birds Events
Shiver Chairs & Chargers ~ Signature Event Rentals
Linens ~ Custom Linens 
String Violin ~ Oleg Geyer
Videographer ~ Josh
Reception Venue ~ Tampa Bay Watch

 photo 5.14.16SaraShelbySTORYAF.jpg
 photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0002.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0003.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0010.jpg photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0036.jpg photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0004.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0032.jpg photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0005.jpg   photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0012.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0014.jpg   photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyMAF0031.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyMAF0047.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0021.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0022.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0023.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0025.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0026.jpg     photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0039.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0040.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0045.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0047.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0049.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0057.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0060.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0062.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0064.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0067.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0070.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0071.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0073.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0075.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0078.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0081.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0083.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0084.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0087.jpg   photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0091.jpg   photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0095.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0096.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0097.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0101.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0093.jpg photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0104.jpg  photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0088.jpg photo 5.14.16SaraShelbyBAF0110.jpg 

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