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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Katie and Gavin are Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar | St. Petersburg FL, Florida Vow Renewal

We met up with Katie and Gavin at the venue the 2 were married ten years prior. Not only did we meet up with them but also got to meet and photograph 3 handsome boys that were some of the biggest blessings to these two from this marriage. They wanted to recreate a little bit of their wedding ten years ago with splashes of pink, old invitations and combine it with their new style adding the three children in for this beautiful day. Katie made her own cake and they finished the evening with an intimate dinner followed by cake and a quiet vow renewal. We enjoyed meeting this family, many well wishes for years to come!
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO000collage.jpg  photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0006.jpg  photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0037.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0042.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0044.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0111.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0122.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0124.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0135.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0143.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0147.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0154.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0159.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0162.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0164.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0169.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0174.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0180.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0191.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0201.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0266.jpg  photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0273.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0281.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0293.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0295.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0324.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0372.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0376.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0387.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0392.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0400.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0413.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0416.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0417.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0428.jpg
 photo 5.3.16KatieandGavinJO0436.jpg

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