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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heather and Steve Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach, Clearwater FL | Clearwater Beach Wedding Photographer

Heather and Steve were such a wonderful couple to work with... from the time I first spoke to Heather to the wedding day, such a sweet, easy going couple with a beautiful family that is now 8.  They united their 6 children by including them in a sand ceremony that allowed every one to pour their sand into one beautiful vase, this signifies the joining of the family as well as the union of the bride and groom.  Heather and Steve chose to do a first look so that we would be able to get some beautiful shots of the family before going on to see everyone at the ceremony.  The ceremony was on the beach where it threatened to rain, even a few rain drops fell right before the ceremony but it held out and we were able to have the perfect ceremony followed by pictures on the beach.  Reception was just amazing on the sky terrace over looking the ocean, with pops of pink and other colors in the flowers, white linens, string lights above and an amazingly beautiful sunset... it made for a perfect FL evening.
Congratulations Heather and Steve.  I am so honored and excited that I was able to capture your beautiful dat for you!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Wedding Gown & Bridesmaid Dress ~ Rebecca's Boutique
Ceremony Site ~ Hyatt Clearwater Beach
Event Planner ~ Lindsey Sikes with Hyatt Clearwater Beach
Florist ~ 2 Birds
Hair Stylist ~ Salon Island Estates
Invitations ~ Zazzle
Make-up Artist ~ Salon Island Estates
Reception Venue ~ Hyatt Clearwater Beach

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC000collage_zpsgjkbblq4.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0001collage_zpslqlbba21.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0003collage_zpsgtrufrlb.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0118_zpsvltuz31h.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0133_zpszcul4iru.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0144_zpsjs30wbzy.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0147_zpsg4nts340.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0148_zpsckckwhsw.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0168_zpsp8v28pvf.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0171_zps8vw4arxp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0183_zpsktcqhdfc.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0184_zps6ti8viua.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0195_zpsbit6fxqr.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0214_zpspnmxjfnv.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0216_zpsc86tcvpy.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0221_zpsnrm7jwvn.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0239_zps5nxwifpc.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0269_zpsiafdsn3g.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0277_zpsdz9gp8yp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0283_zpsadfcfyuf.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0299_zpsoadzf7yk.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0301_zpsrvw8neyd.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0303_zpslx11duur.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0305_zpsdq8cntji.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0306_zpsafeigopt.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0310_zps7hzitufe.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0312_zpsez31detn.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0319_zpsktki8urr.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0327_zpsx65tsvpz.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0333_zpsbczxufp9.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0442_zpsvorsnkuh.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0464_zpsl4cweuou.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0473_zpsxa3mikjh.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0484_zpstnxqnqyd.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0503_zpsnkucgtxn.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0506_zpswkehu5ps.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0545_zpsp0ygoyhw.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0564_zpstvmreb7d.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0576_zpsk0fgsoeu.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0602_zpsiyjaru8e.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0622_zpswi612xsa.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0632_zps5sb67dln.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0639_zpsnyixjdxp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0648_zpsy3fe0gqp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0696_zps206oehsp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0697_zpsrt0qihju.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0709_zpsvoayq22z.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0759_zpsfj6aapwg.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0772_zpsfgx2prcn.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0777_zps3t7ljvil.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0805_zps8i4lupvp.jpg

 photo 6.11.16HeatherSteveCC0809_zpsm3bbq0is.jpg

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