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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kristi and Rob Are Featured In The Limelight | Chapel By The Sea and Carlouel Yacht Club | Clearwater FL, Clearwater Weddings

Kristi and Rob met through a mutual friend. The two having such laid-back personalities and being such animal lovers, found love over the course of three years. They set a date for June 26, 2016 in Clearwater. A destination spot for all their family and friends coming from areas of Canada and Pittsburg to celebrate such a beautiful memorable day for the two. Even with the hot weather and passing storms, both Kristi and Rob were in high spirits. Kristi’s uncle officiated their beautiful ceremony at Chapel by the Sea and the family and friends heated up the dance floors to one of Florida’s finest bands, C’nergy at Carlouel Yacht Club. They ended the day with a beautiful pastel hue sunset. We loved this wedding so very much, congratulations Rob and Kristi. God bless you as you grow together!

Wedding Gown | Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid's Gowns | CC's Boutique
Makeup | Carlos Olivera
Hair | Kim Brand
Invitations | Carlson Craft
Ceremony | Chapel By The Sea
Event Planner | Tampa Wedding Studio
Band | C'nergy
Transportation | Jolley Trolley

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0000collage.jpg  photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0012.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0014.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0018.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0020.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0026.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0028.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0039.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0041.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0048.jpg  photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0050.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0069.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0084.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0091.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0114.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0155.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0177.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0181.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0184.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0195.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0201.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0206.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0219.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0232.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0272.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0332.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0342.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0399.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0436.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0440.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0445.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0457.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0467.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0479.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0483.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0484.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0504.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0520.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0522.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0527.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0582.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0635.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0638.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0641.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0692.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0699.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0700.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0701.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0717.jpg

 photo 6.25.16KristiandRobJO0780.jpg

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