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Friday, July 22, 2016

Rachelle and Tony Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency Clearwater | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

Rachelle and Tony were so much fun to work with. We had a blast capturing their beautiful wedding day at the Hyatt Regency in Clearwater, FL. These two fell in love for the fun, laughs, and friendship that they have shared since grade school. One day, Tony proposed in the comfort of his own home, and Rachelle said yes. Friends and family traveled in from all over to enjoy these two saying their vows overlooking the ocean. One of my favorite parts about the wedding day was Tony's reaction of Rachelle walking down the isle. Guests then went on to enjoy a rocking reception and good time at one of the hotels beautiful ballrooms. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Lead Photographer ~ Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer ~ Dafne Spencer

Band/DJ ~ Jessie Wilcox
Caterer ~ Hyatt Regency
Ceremony Site ~ Hyatt Regency
Hair & Make-up ~ Tiffany | Michele Renee Zerda
Reception Venue ~ Hyatt Regency

 photo TonyRachelleStrory.jpg
 photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0018.jpg   photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0176.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0181.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0192.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0195.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0196.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0198.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0226.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0229.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0256.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0260.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0262.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0266.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0294.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0300.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0303.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0309.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0314.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0414.jpg   photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0569.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0599.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0607.jpg   photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0629.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0631.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0641.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0657.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0677.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0692.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0701.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0710.jpg    photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0793.jpg   photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0882.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0886.jpg     photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0902.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF0916.jpg   photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1248.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1249.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1256.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1271.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1276.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1282.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1287.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1290.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1299.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1304.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1312.jpg  photo 7.9.16RachelleTonyAF1627.jpg \ 

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