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Monday, August 29, 2016

Jody and Israel Featured in the Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Jody and Israel met one night out and about in 2007 and hit it off. They dated for 8 years and then came a proposal on their 8 year anniversary. Together these two enjoy watching movies and playing video games. Their shared love of the Beatles song, Octopus's Garden, led them to finding the perfect place to say their vows, in the under water garden at the Florida Aquarium. After saying their I do's, guests enjoyed a rocking night of fun and dancing under the sea. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :) 

Band/DJ ~ Tim LaVechia
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Davids Bridal
Cake ~ Emma's Cake
Caterer ~ Aramark
Ceremony Site ~  The Florida Aquarium
Florist ~ Brides n' Blooms
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Monica Lazo
Reception Venue ~ The Florida Aquarium

 photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0000collage.jpg photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0003.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0035.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0053.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0096.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0098.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0103.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0123.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0127.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0137.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0138.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0171.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0176.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0177.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0181.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0219.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0262.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0283.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0307.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0314.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0319.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0322.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0326.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0332.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0358.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0359.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0363.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0364.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0384.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0387.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0390.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0404.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0413.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0416.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0418.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0422.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0445.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0463.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0476.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0489.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0506.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0699.jpg  photo 8.13.16JodyandIsraelAF0712.jpg

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