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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brittany and Jacob Step Into The Limelight | Downtown St. Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Engagement

I met up with this fun-loving couple on a particularly hot afternoon in beautiful St. Pete. Although Florida is still hot and humid in September, we still had a great time jumping around several hotspots in St. Pete enjoying the bay breeze whenever it greeted us, and watching a storm roll in as we finished up over at the Dali Museum. Brittany and Jacob are such a fun couple! They were laughing the whole time, I am so glad we met up for this session. These two will be married in 2017, congratulations Brittany and Jacob on your engagement! Here are a few favorites from that day!

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0007.jpg
 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0018.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0027.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0030.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0038.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0044.jpg
 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0050.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0052.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0058.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0069.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0073.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0074.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0077.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0089.jpg
 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0097.jpg
 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0098.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0110.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0124.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0129.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0133.jpg
 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0136.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0148.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0164.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0169.jpg

 photo 9.25.16BrittanyandJacob0189.jpg

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