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Monday, October 31, 2016

Danielle and Josh are Featured in the Limelight | The Vinoy Renaissance Resort, St Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Danielle and Josh met through mutual friends in 2011... he proposed to her on the steps of Sacred Heart Church in downtown Tampa.  Danielle loves that he can be himself around her at all times and that he makes her laugh all the time.  They love traveling together, which was evident in their unique  table numbers... each table had a picture of the couple in a different place around the world. Danielle and Josh had a beautiful wedding and reception at the amazing Vinoy Renaissance Resort in downtown St Petersburg.  The grand ballroom was amazing with beautiful flowers, pink centerpieces, candle light, an amazing cake and dueling pianos.  The details and ambiance were a perfect setting to celebrate the love of this sweet couple.  
Congratulations Danielle and Josh!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis  
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Dueling Pianos ~ Midwest Dueling Pianos
Wedding Gown ~ The White Closet
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ CC's Boutique
Ceremony & Reception Site ~ The Vinoy Renaissance 
Caterer & Cake ~ The Vinoy Renaissance 
Event Planner ~ Alexandra Landry, The Vinoy Renaissance
Florist ~ Botanica
Hair and Make-up ~ Michele Renee

 photo 10.15.16DanielleJoshCC0000collage.jpg

 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0027.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0038.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0064.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0067.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0073.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0076.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0086.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0091.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0099.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0101.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0109.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0119.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0179.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0218.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0235.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0265.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0268.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0288.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0343.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0346.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0348.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0408.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0414.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0427.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0463.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0552.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0554.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0562.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0563.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0566.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0596.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0599.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0604bw.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0606.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0611.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0641.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0686.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc0861.jpg
 photo 10.15.16daniellejoshcc1089.jpg

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