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Monday, October 17, 2016

Erin and Damien Are Featured In The Limelight | Hilton Double Tree at Rocky Point | Tampa FL, Tampa Weddings

Mid-Summer's Night Dream. A whimsical and romantic theme, one that flowed throughout Erin and Damien's wedding. From hand made décor flowing from the ceiling to individual succulent plants for each individual guest, the theme flowed with ease in every aspect of their wedding. What was significantly special, Erin's mother, friends and her worked on every detail creating most items from scratch. It was all spread out so beautifully, it not only transported you to a place outside of the already wonderfully located hotel, it also transported you to a place of celebration and romance. Erin and Damien were both beaming when they saw each other, it was apparent immediately how well they worked together. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful marriage! Congratulations to Erin and Damien! Here are a few of favorites from that day.

Lead Photographer | Jess Orthober
Associate Photographer | Carlos Rellos

Wedding Gown | Blue Label
Bridesmaid Dress | Sugar Bits
Hair and Makeup | Destiny and Light

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