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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Melanie and David are Featured in the Limelight | The Vinoy Renaissance Resort, St. Petersburg FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Melanie and David were such a joy to work with, I can't even tell you.  This is the sweetest couple with so much love to share.  They had a beautiful ceremony in the quaint Tea Garden of The Vinoy Renaissance Resort.  The ceremony started right at sunset, giving the moment a beautiful, soft and romantic ambiance with candlelight all around and string lights up above, it was the perfect setting to say I DO.  Following the ceremony was an amazing reception in the Grand Ballroom with a wonderful food spread, dinner, drinks and dancing.  One of the highlights of the night besides the couple's amazing dance moves, was Melanie's father and brother took to the stage to help sing a song to Melanie and David.  Later in the night the couple shared cake pops instead of a traditional cake, which I thought was adorable!  

There isn't much else that I can say about this couple but to share what Melanie wrote in her description of her love for David and what it means to her...
"When my first husband died, I thought my life was over.  God brought me this amazing man who has picked up so many pieces of my heart and put them back together.  He loves me fully, for who I am and all that comes with me... This is our chapter two."

I am so incredibly honored to have been a part of something so beautiful!!

Congratulations Melanie and David!!  

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Band ~ Phase5 band
Wedding gown ~ Kleinfelds
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bella's
Event Planner ~ Alexandra Landry
Make-up ~ Debra Dakin
Flowers ~ Kathy Gross
Videographer ~ Aramil Films
Invitations ~ Paperless Post

 photo 10.22.16MelanieDavidCC000collage.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0022.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0028.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0036.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0079.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0089.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0117.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0121.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0130.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0132.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0134.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0158.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0189.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0221.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0250.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0251.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0259.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0292.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0296.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0302.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0306.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0310.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0315.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0322.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0327.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0350.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0405.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0407.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0427.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0436.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0460.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0470.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0473.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0495.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0506.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0539.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0573.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0576.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0580.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0597.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0598.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0602.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0608.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0610.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0614.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0615.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0643.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0670.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0684.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0694.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0697.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0715.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0728.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0826.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc0949.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc1020.jpg
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 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc1036.jpg
 photo 10.22.16melaniedavidcc1039.jpg

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