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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Amanda and Daniel Step into the Limelight | Hayman & Fuentes Farm | Odessa, FL Engagement Photography

It was so much fun to meet up with Amanda and Daniel for their engagement session. Amanda grew up with horses, and rode them in college as well, so a farm was perfect for them! These two met at a Luke Bryan concert and hit it off from there. I enjoyed capturing their personalities together, and also loved capturing Amanda horse whispering, they really loved her! It was great to work with these two and I look forward to their wedding in June! : )

 photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0013LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0017LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0022LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0024LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0034LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0035LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0036LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0038LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0045LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0046LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0057LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0066LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0085LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0090LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0092LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0103LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0107LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0111LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0113LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0117LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0119LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0121LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0130LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0134LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0135LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0142LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0154LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0160LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0163LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0167LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0170LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0181LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0183LL.jpg  photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0188LL.jpg   photo 12.8.16AmandaPeacockAF0049LL.jpg

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