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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alison and Ryan Featured in the Limelight | Peter O'Knight Airport | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Alison and Ryan had a ROCKING New Years Eve Wedding! It was a blast to bring in the new year with these fun folks on their wedding day at such a unique venue! Friends and family gathered to celebrate the union of Alison and Ryan at Peter O'Knight Airport. Being that Ryan is a pilot, this was a special venue to the both of them. After the ceremony, guests then enjoyed a fabulous reception with lots of fun and dancing with tunes provided by James with Grant Hemond and Associates. It was a great start to the new year and congratulations to the newlyweds!! :) 

Photography: Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer: Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer: Alexia Lodwick

Band/DJ ~ James with Grant Hemond & Associates
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ BCBG
Cake ~ Olympia Catering
Catering ~ Olympia Catering
Ceremony Site ~ Peter O' Knight Airport
Florist ~ Iza's Flowers 
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist ~ Beautiful You
Invitations ~ Etsy
Reception Venue ~ Peter O'Knight Airport 
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal 
 photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0000collage.jpg photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0603.jpg
 photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0006.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0008.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0014.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0018.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0020.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0021.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0027.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0031.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0033.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0041.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0044.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0059.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0078.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0086.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0089.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0092.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0101.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0102.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0105.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0111.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0132.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0138.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0192.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0217.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0224.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0324.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0325.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0329.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0334.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0340.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0344.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0350.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0351.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0391.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0429.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0492.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0509.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0514.jpg  photo 12.31.16AlisonRyanAF_0521.jpg  

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