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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Blog Site

So, some of your may have noticed that we have a new Blog...The only problem so far is we have been too busy to post to it! There have been so many exciting things happening and I want to start sharing them with everyone.

First and foremost, Ela started dating my brother Jason last Easter 2007. They met while we were all together for Easter dinner over at my parents' house. I was inside the house and I could not find Ela anywhere. I was feeling guilty for having wandered off and leaving her to fend for herself with my family - most of who were strangers to Ela at that time. Mike came with me to look  around the property for Ela. Finally I spotted Ela with Jason far off on the property visiting the alpacas. (These animals are from Peru and similar to llamas. My parents raise them to shear their fur - they make all sorts of blankets, clothing, everything really). 

Ela and Jason did not see Mike and me and they started to walk toward us. They were taking pictures of each other and fighting over the camera. Ela was giggling and Jason was laughing. Suddenly it struck me - they were FLIRTING!!!!

The rest they say is history! Jason lives in Ft. Lauderdale so they started racking up the cell phone minutes and planning weekend visits. And then this Easter - Jason officially proposed! They will be getting married October 26, 2008. And guess what? Ela asked me to be her Maid of Honor:) So now, Ela and I are not only best friends and work together but we will also be sisters! Ela did move a few weeks ago to Ft. Lauderdale to be closer to Jason. Here are a few photos of the house:

Ela's office:

They even have a pool!

This is the reason things have been so hectic! We have set up a network and server that we are still getting used to. But it is great because we can easily share files and continue to edit and work together seamlessly.

We are changing the way the Blog will work. Ela and myself will both be posting back and forth - so hopefully between the two of us we will keep on top of it!!! Please check in with us and find out what we are up to!


Kenzie Shores said...

oh how exciting!!! Congratulations Ela!!!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

I know - can you believe Ela and I will be sisters-in-law!!!

Kara Pennington Photography said...

Rebecca, that is so awesome!!! I couldn't believe it the first time I read the post, so I had to reread it and HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! It just makes sense that you two would be sisters :) God is so good!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Go is so good - I am so blessed that Ela and I will be come sisters. I always wanted a sister!!!

Adrianna Dunak said...

I'm old Ela's friend and I'm so happy for her:) This is awesome news. I wish her lifetime of happiness.