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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Have Help in the Office!!!

Whew! Thank goodness! We have been so blessed with many inquiries and many new brides. I typically get any where from 50 - 100 e-mails EVERY day from photographers, brides, vendors, venues, etc. Plus trying to keep up with the phone which is ringing off the hook!

Michael goes every morning to train his tennis and football players every morning so he is here to help me in the office only after 1pm every day. We have literally tripled our business levels in the past year and I was drowning in paperwork! 

So...I want to introduce Shawn to the rescue! Shawn is my beautiful and amazing friend. She has already been helping with Limelight bridal shows and assisting on photo shoots. Now she is helping here in the studio in the evenings to help me with office work:) So I will have more time to get back to editing and taking MORE PICTURES!!!

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