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Saturday, April 5, 2008

'Self Portraits'

I found the funniest gadget on the internet - a little mono-pod to attach to  a camera and hold away from you so you can take your own picture. 

This thing is too funny! I mean I don't think I would really carry around this extra little pole on my vacations but I have to say it would come in handy. I looked through some of my old photos and found some situations where I really wish I had this little gadget!

Most times I am trying to get a photo of Mike and me...Both of these are from football games. We were there supporting the players Mike works with.

Sorry Ela - I missed completely on this one!

This is my friend Mary Gwen and me in Chicago. I used the self-timer on this one and least we are both in the frame!!!

Here I did better:) Mike and me in the front seat of the car.

This is an another 'portrait' taken with the self-timer method. This was a super fun trip Ela and I took to South Beach.

Missed again! This is my dad and me. I love this photo though because it captures of the many funny faces my dad is always making!

I think Ela is the master of the reach-and shoot-method! This is Jason and Ela on our Christmas vacation.

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