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Friday, April 4, 2008

It's a Boy!

Adria and Rudy were married 11.4.06. Ela and I photographed their wedding at the Largo Botanical gardens. This couple is one of the most fun and gracious couples we have worked with.

We are a little late with the news, but here is a note from Adria about her newborn Ari: "Well friends and family, here is the awaited little one that has changed our life so instantly and so beautifully. We have always heard, 'just wait until you have your own children.' Well it is that and then some. It is one big WWWOOOOOOWWEEEEEE....what love, a love like no other!"

The proud daddy Rudy!

The new happy family!

Children are such a miracle and true blessing from God. We wish Adria and Rudy all the best with Ari - and we hope to take some pictures too! Seeing one of our brides and grooms experience the miracle of having a child gets me thinking more about when Mike and I will start a family. I am ready NOW but he wants to wait a while longer. I have to admit - it seems like how will I ever squeeze enough extra time in the day to take of a new little one??? We barely have time for our little dog Maui! A good friend of ours gave me a book to borrow:

hhhhmmmmm......I think this is a hint! Seriously though there is good information in this book. I am just praying that God will bless us with the miracle of a healthy child and that He times everything perfectly so as not to disrupt the flow of Limelight. I think it is tough for us women who are wedding photographers to think about these things. I just have to trust God will time everything in his perfect way!


Kara Pennington Photography said...

Ari is adorable! I'm be praying that God will bless you with a little one at just the perfect time :)

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Kara, You are so sweet:) And thank you for your prayers!

Shores Photography said...

funny thing...I was just looking at the wedding date (11.04.06) John and I were married at largo botanical gardens on 11.05.05, lol. and it was a night wedding too. lol. you guys did great on this! and congrats to the bride and groom on the new baby! :)kz

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Kenzie, THat is so ironic:) The gardens are a beautiful location! I would love to see your wedding photos!