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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

So FINALLY I find the time to get online and create an entry. What I really want to do is complain...but let's be honest....I am so blessed I have been this busy. I am sorry to say I have not made an entry in two weeks. I am not succeeding at my goal...I wanted to post at least once a day and it has been two weeks!!!! How does everyone else find the time??? I really want to just get on here and say I am so mad at myself....I don't understand how everyone has time to do write clever blog entries and run a great business. All my time is consumed with meeting with brides, photographing weddings, marketing and editing images, etc.!!!

Ela and I have been traveling A LOT. We had a wedding and some networking in Sarasota last week and I was down there Sunday - Wednesday. This week we were in NYC for 4 photos shoots in three days!!! And next week I am off to Orlando. So much on the go and so little on my blog!!! Ela captured me in Sarasota after a quick rest in between a photo shoot and our wedding....this says it all!

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