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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Caught on Candid Camera

A few weeks ago when we photographed Lindsey and David's wedding at the Don Cesar we were in the peak of wedding season. We decided to treat ourselves and spend the night after the wedding at the Don Cesar. After a long, hard day of work lugging around six cameras and countless other equipment our necks and backs were aching so we headed off to the jacuzzi. Relaxed and sleepy we headed back to our hotel room. We heard voices on the terrace near the lobby so we went through a back way to avoid running in to anyone from the wedding. We opened the door to sneak in, walked around the corner...and ran right into Lindsey and David!!!! I was so embarrassed in my Don Cesar bath robe, no make-up and my hair all a mess. And to top it off one of the groomsmen still had one of the disposable cameras from off the table and caught us on candid camera! Ha ha! We all had a good laugh when Lindsey brought this picture in to us!


1 comment:

Sarah McDonald said...

I LOVE THIS! You two are cute in your Don Cesar bathrobes! =)