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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PPA Meets with President-Elect Obama's Transition Team


As President-Elect Barack Obama prepares to take office, his transition team is turning to Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and other members of the creator community for advice.

As a result of the meeting, PPA had a chance to submit written information about the photographic industry’s importance to the economy, indicating that “professional photography services generated an estimated $7.3 billion in revenue” (U.S. Census Bureau). The written materials also pointed out the vast professional photographic network (over 122,000 nationwide) encompassing every Congressional district…and the impact intellectual property and its domestic and international enforcement play in their livelihoods. After all, each of those 122,000 professional photographers create an estimated 20,000 works each year.

To learn more about the meeting, please read the statement here:

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Sarah McDonald said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for posting this! =)